Dear Members,

Due to the Covid-19 Epidemic and the Request of the Governor’s Shelter-in-place request, we as the board of WSFC, have voted to close the doors of the Club temporarily, effective Saturday 3/21/20 after the noon meeting.


We have setup online meetings through the Zoom App. Go to the meetings page to get instructions on how to attend and to see the schedule.


We suggest that everyone stay in touch with their sponsors, sponsees, and fellows to carry the message of Alcoholics Anonymous. The fellowship will continue, just not in person. If you don’t have any phone numbers from other members we suggest contacting the local AA, NA or Alanon Hotlines:

AA Hotline — 630.355.2622
NA Hotline — 708.848.4884
Alanon Hotline — 847.848.2707


The WSFC Board recognizes that participation in in-person meetings may not be a healthy option for all. The General Service Office of AA has provided a link to available information and a directory for online meetings.

To see this information, go to:  http://aa-intergroup.org/directory.php

Some other resources are as follows:


Hello and Welcome to the West Suburban Fellowship Club. We house over forty 12 step meetings a week. We also have an extensive literature cabinet for your recovery reading needs. The WSFC is incorporated under the laws of the State of Illinois as a non-profit organization. Its purpose is to provide a safe, temperate, drug and alcohol free environment for our community. The objective is to contribute to the recovery of alcoholics, drug addicts and many others working 12 Step programs associated with the Club. We provide a stable environment for recovery programs to meet thereby enhancing their recovery. Today, the club hosts over 43 actively attended meetings a week. They include meetings of recovery by Alcoholics Anonymous(AA), Al-Anon, Codependents Anonymous(CoDA), and Narcotics Anonymous (NA).


WSFC Mission Statement:

The Club’s activities relate solely to the rehabilitation of individuals suffering from alcoholism and other addictions, including their family members, through the program of Alcoholics Anonymous and other formally recognized “12 Step Programs”, by providing and maintaining safe and comfortable meeting facilities for such individuals and programs.