The WSFC was established to provide a safe secure meeting place for recovering alcohol and drug addicted individuals and their families as well as a social club for fellowship and social functions for its members. The WSFC is owned, operated and maintained by members. The WSFC is an independent organization and is not affiliated with A. A, N.A. or any other organization.



In 1998 and early 1999 an idea to start a club in the Naperville area was born. The idea came from Joe T, Rich S and Mike L. and they became the original officers of the corporation, all of whom were members of the Acorn Group in River Forest. This group had a strong affiliation to the SFC of Forest Park and the club was supportive of the idea. The support came in the form of sharing their own experiences and successes and much needed financial support from many of the members of the SFC. Other members gave their time in the form of labor helping with the construction. It wasn’t uncommon to walk in and hear power saws cutting and hammering while a meeting was going on in another room. The original articles of incorporation were modeled after those of the SFC, Westmont and the Villa Park Clubs.

In the early days there were growing pains, some financial and some philosophical. In spite of the problems, the doors stayed open. Meetings sometimes numbered 2 attendees, but one of those attending had a key to open the door. Some of the old-timers recollect trying to decide who was going to speak because all three attendees has already spoke during the month.

March 15 was the inaugural meeting. The original location was 1001 Chicago Ave. It was a speaker meeting followed by a dance to help raise money for rent. The speaker was from the SFC in Forest Park. Dues paying membership was at around forty. The first month had a schedule on weekdays of 7am, 5Pm’s, 7pm’s and 8:30pm’s and two Noon, Wednesday and Friday. The weekend had two open speaker meetings, Sat at 8pm and Sunday 9am. Each meeting had a person assigned to ensure that the door was open for a meeting. There was little furniture, but there was coffee pot and a big book. It was not uncommon for the person responsible to open the door to be sitting in his car waiting for the second person to come. The reason given was that it was warmer and more comfortable in the car.

The paid membership reached 135 in August and an election of officers was planned for December. In January 2000 the club had an elected Board of Directors.

In March of ’99 there were 48 meetings in the District. (35 in Naperville). There are now over 47 AA meetings at the club. There are also NA, Al-Anon and Coda meetings. There were no 7am’s in Naperville, 1 in D43: now there are 6 and 5 of them are at the club. Between 9 and 10 there were two meetings on weekdays, there are now 7. During lunch hours there were 4. One folded, another moved to the club and 5 more developed. There are now 8 meetings at Noon in D43. At 5pm, there were no meetings in District 43. Now, there is one every day of the week and attendance rarely slips under 50 at any one meeting. In 1999 there were 11 7pm and 2 6pm meetings. All still exist and the club has 11 more. Some of these are other 12 step recovery groups. There were 18 groups that met at 8pm or later. 2 have folded. There are only three non-club meetings starting later than 8, most have changed time to make them earlier. The number of meetings has doubled in District 43 since it opened its doors.