We always appreciate donations. Your contribution will be tax deductible. You can mail your donations to:

WSFC Donations
710 East Ogden Avenue
Naperville IL, 60563

Or you can donate in person at one of our meetings.

The various raffles at the Club and the 2019 GALA are raising funds for the “Home of Our Own Fund”. Many have asked, “What is the Home of Our Own Fund?” Here is the answer for you.

The WSFC has operating funds that the board of trustees manage and maintain for everyday expenses as well as a long term saving fund called the “Home of Our Own” fund. The purpose of this fund is to allow the WSFC to purchase a building or facility rather than lease in order to reduce our monthly operating costs and establish the Club as a permanent part of the Naperville community. Since the WSFC is a non-profit 501-C organization, this is the most cost effective and tax friendly way to operate– eliminating the cost of taxes that are built into our rental/lease expenses.

We have researched other clubs nationally and found that the conversion from temporary rental/lease costs to an ownership model is a natural progression for non-profit clubs like the WSFC that host recovery meetings for multiple 12-step programs. Many members give above and beyond the meeting basket and membership dues to help us accumulate enough in this fund to make the Home of Our Own strategy a reality. It will likely take us a few more years, but we are well on our way toward this goal.

If you wish to give a tax deductible donation, it is appreciated. There are many ways to give, including corporate matching funds, naming the WSFC as a recipient in your will, stocks and bonds, as well as gifts designated to the HOOO fund via cash or check. The WSFC serves hundreds in the Naperville community each week by providing a safe, clean, and pleasant place for Recovery meetings as well as monthly and quarterly events with food and social activities.

We hope you continue to make the WSFC your home– and thank you for your support to help the WSFC continue this mission in the Naperville Community.

In Your Service,
WSFC Board