In Person Meetings

Effective Friday November 20, 2020 Region 8 will be in Tier 3 mitigations which limits group gatherings to 10 people.  To maintain proper social distancing, the room capacities at the Club will be 10 in the main room, 8 in the back room and 6 in the first step room.

The Zoom meeting schedule for the Club will continue as is. View the Online Zoom Meeting Schedule

Additionally, every Wednesday night, the Club will be cleaned by BioSafeFogging to lessen the risk of attendees contacting Covid.

In order to continue adding in-person meetings to the Club schedule, we still need member volunteers to help reinforce new Club guidelines by monitoring attendance at meetings, or other such activities. If this sounds like a type of service you would be interested in learning more about, please get in touch with us here: