Online Meetings Via Zoom

The WSFC wishes to maintain the normal meeting schedule with Zoom meetings until we can return to our full in-person schedule.  This could mean that some Zoom meetings will not have a volunteer chairperson.  If there is a theme or topic listed during a meeting time with no chairperson, please treat it as a discussion meeting.  If you are the only person signed on at any given meeting time, please join a subsequent meeting.  If you notice a meeting that is frequently not attended, please email our Meeting Coordinator at  Thank you for your understanding as we navigate these challenging times.

If you are chairing a meeting and need a meeting script or reading materials (Preamble, How it Works, etc) Click Here

New Meetings? Need a Zoom Meeting ID? Setup a Club-Sponsored Zoom Meeting 

If you are interested in starting a new Zoom meeting or you are currently hosting a zoom meeting on your personal zoom account and you’d like to use our Zoom Account Please Contact our Meeting Director at and we can get that setup for you.


Click here to view the Meeting Sheet in google docs

Zoom Instructions:

  1. You will need to load the app./Client software to participate.
    1. Using a computer, go to
      1. Go to “Resources” black bar, top right of page
      2. Click on Download zoom client. Follow instructions. You’re pretty much all set up.
    2. Using a phone go to where you usually get your apps and download the Zoom App.
  2. Find you day and meeting you wish to attend, then click link, or copy meeting id to type in on zoom. This will take you to the meeting. No password required. You will be admitted to meeting.
  3. Meeting will start usual time . Please join at least 10 mins before meeting starts to get over any unfamiliarity or connections issues.
  4. You will be on mute when you first join. Please remember to keep mute on if you are not speaking, otherwise we may well have a cacophony of background sound.
  5. This Google sheet will be updated on a regular basis, for added meetings, or changed meetings.

Meeting Contributions For Zoom Meetings

The West Suburban Fellowship Club will now be accepting donations via “Venmo” in honor of our 7th Tradition.
7th Tradition: Every AA group ought to be fully self supporting ,declining outside contributions. Click Here to Learn More