Useful Links

AA Associations

District 43 Alcoholics Anonymous
Our District AA Website

Alcoholics Anonymous
The Official Alcoholics Anonymous Official Web site

Illinois- Chicago, Illinois Area
The Chicagoland Area AA Website

Illinois- Northern Illinois Area 20
Northern Illinois Area (NIA) Area 20 of AA Sponsored WEB site Contains information on how to reach AA in the NIA & NIA AA sponsored events

Illinois- Quad Cities, Illinois
Welcome to the Quad Cities sponsored by Illinois District 90 and Iowa District 9. It includes meeting schedules and A.A events in the Quad Cities.

Illinois- Southern Illinois
District 14 area 21 southern Illinois alcoholics anonymous meeting schedule

AA Resources

Groupvine for District 43

AA Grapevine
Welcome to the AA Grapevine “Our Meeting in Print” Bienvenido a La Viña del Grapevine de AA “Nuestra Reunión Impresa” en Español

Anne Smith, Mother of A.A., her role and journal
The most overlooked, ignored, and even forgotten source of early A.A.’s principles and practice was Anne Ripley Smith, wife of co-founder Dr. Bob…

The Jaywalker Twelve Step Site
Dedicated to the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous as outlined in the Big Book of AA.

Meeting of the Minds AA e-mail group
Meeting of the Minds Group of Alcoholics Anonymous, a GSO-registered online email meeting

Recovery Emporium’s Clubhouse Directory
Directory of all Clubhouses by State

Staying Cyber
Staying Cyber-an ongoing interactive AA meeting on the WWW, The only requirement for membership is a DESIRE to stop drinking. Welcome Staying Cyber is a series of weekly Alcoholics Anonymous meetings

History of AA

A.A. History
Alcoholics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous History. Dick B. is the leading scholar on the spiritual roots of alcoholics anonymous. There is no better historical material of this kind.

History and Trivia
A Sober Web Site for recovering alcoholics. Questions and answers on AA History and other FUN for members of Alcoholics Anonymous and their friends.

The Oxford Group & Alcoholics Anonymous
This is the most authoritative, thoroughly researched presentation of the specifics about early A.A. and the Oxford Group…


The Little Big Book Dictionary
A dictionary created expressly for the primary text of Alcoholics Anonymous – Custom sized to fit in the back of an AA Big Book

The Anonymous Press- Online Alcoholics Anonymous Books
Alcoholics Anonymous big books, meeting phone numbers and software

Hazelden Books
Massive selection of recovery books, software, jewelry, and other resources. A must see.

Local Recovery Related Organizations

Anona East
Villa Park

Anona West
West Chicago

Easy Does It (EDI)
Hanover Park

The Mustard Seed Chicago

Other 12-Step Associations

Alano Club Listings
Contains a list of Alanon clubs across the United States.

Cocaine Anonymous
Official site of Cocaine Anonymous.

Co-dependents Anonymous
Official site of Co-dependents Anonymous.

Dual Recovery Anonymous
Official site of Dual Recovery Anonymous, which offers recovery for those who possess both an addiction and an emotional or psychological illness.

Gamblers Anonymous
Official site of Gamblers Anonymous.

Narcotics Anonymous
Official site of Narcotics Anonymous.

Overeaters Anonymous
Official site of Overeaters Anonymous.

Sex Addicts Anonymous
Official site of Sex Addicts Anonymous.